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Then we will need to know what you’re doing. We need you to send us a narrative project.

Please note: We will not accept sketchbooks and non-narrative project in general (images collections) from now on. Your drawings might be really well done and you’re probably really talented but we want a story as a starter project!

One alternative option for you to get in is to respond to an ongoing project. To make things more exciting, we organize from time to time short terms events on chosen topics. See the project page for more details.

A group of selected people will receive your submission automatically. After discussion As soon as we have a majority

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Enter your name or alias, at least your email, maybe some website we can have a look at, be generous, the more we get the better we can understand your work and feel the potential behind it. Be sure to show us some comics among your work – or say a narrative project – again illustrations alone won’t do it. Some text is welcome to help us understand what you’re doing.

You can upload files that will be sent directly to our editorial staff. The images should be JPG, GIF or PNG formats, no more than 500 ko and they shouldn’t exceed a maximum height of 1600px and a max width of 1200px.

All right then, let me show you how great my work is: