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GRANDPAPIER’s goal is to gather different comic artist we like under the same roof and to give online readers access to what they might not found in their local bookstore.

GRANDPAPIER is a project by l’employé du Moi, a comics publisher based in Brussels, Belgium. We are not looking at webcomics as an ultimate goal for comics but rather as a way to use the Internet as a promotion tool for artworks we like. Building an online community that will help newer comic artist to get known. It’s also a great way for us to meet new people and eventually make new books.

This website is our third online experience after the employé du Moi online diaries and 40075km. Our online diaries gathered up to 15 people who published drawings and comics online at a daily rate. In the course of six years, some of theses diaries were printed in books, published under l’employé du Moi label. ( Rubiah from Sacha Goerg, Lointain from Claude Desmedt, Michel from Pierre Maurel, ...) was a web portal created in 2005 and open to anyone who wished to share comics pages on the topic of travelling. This project which lasted a good year ended with the publication of a 600 pages anthology.

GRANDPAPIER is a logical follow up of these 2 projects.

GRANDPAPIER is not a blog or a myspace, it’s not here to replace personal artists websites either, it’s just one of thoses places where you can find lots of good comics and drawings contents.

This page summarize the projects and 24h comics organized through grandpapier. You can read more on GRANDPAPIER itself at the bottom of this page.

Events listed by year

24h bd 2012

October 2012 | 6

La 5e session des 24h bd de grandpapier a eu lieu le samedi 13 octobre 2012 à 14h GMT+2.

Retrouvez tous les récits de l’évènement sur la page des genres sous le mot clé 24h bd 2012.

Et pour se donner une idée de l’ambiance à Bruxelles, allez voir les 24h en photo sur le blog.

PNG - 24.2 kb

La contrainte de 2012

Those moving images are more tnat a landscape. It’s a rythm, a breath, a color, a light, an ever changing texture, a primitive machine, a note, a voice, a vibration, a wave, a melody, an abstraction and a physical body, a metaphor and a sensitive space, an emotion and a meteorological phenomenon...

The constrain is to use these images as a material or as an inspiration for your story.

Source : les images de la contrainte sont extraites du film "Nuages - Lettres à mon fils" de Marion Hänsel (2001).

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Collection Vingt-Quatre

April 2011 | 0

A collection of small format stapled graphic novels by l’employé du Moi which goal is to publish selected comics done during the 24h comics events.

- You can read stories selected for this collection on the Vingt-Quatre page.

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24h comics 2011

April 2011 | 0

La 4e session des 24h de la bande dessinée de grandpapier ont eu lieu samedi 21 et dimanche 22 mai 2011.

Liens utiles

PNG - 22.4 kb

Les 24h c’est :

- 35 auteurs à Bruxelles
- Zorobabel qui a proposé pour la première fois un volet animation depuis Bruxelles principalement avec une dizaine d’auteurs dont Catherine le Goff, Maria Korkel, Ronald Grandpey, L.L de mars... La contrainte arrêtée, en plus de celle imposée est de réaliser en 24 heures 24 secondes d’animation (générique compris).
- Le festival Periscopage avec sa vingtaine d’auteurs d’horizons divers qui a suivi l’événement depuis Rennes. On citera déjà Varvara Pomidor (artiste invitée à exposer durant les Rencontres Périscopages 2011), David Turgeon, Prosperi Buri, Polina Petrouchina, Jonathan Larabie...
- Du turbomedia grâce à l’initiative d’Anthony Rageul. Dorénavant grandpapier offre aux auteurs cette option narrative dans son système de lecture. (Si vous ne savez pas ce qu’est le turbomedia, tout est clairement expliqué sur la page spécifique qui lui est dédiée.)
- Des radios présentes avec des discussions et débats autour de la bande dessinée. À Bruxelles avec radio campus (plus d’info bientôt) et à Nantes avec Jet FM. Côté français, les enregistrements furent publics, avec des décrochages sur les radios rennaises Canal B et Radio Campus Rennes.
- Une cellule montréalaise assez importante et organisée par Max de Radiguès, membre de l’employé du Moi, a activement participé depuis le Canada.

- Et aussi, en clôture de cette événement, le cinéma nova (Bruxelles) a exposé les pages bruxelloises et organisé une soirée projection des animations ainsi que des concerts avec des musiciens ayant travaillés sur la même contrainte que les auteurs durant le week-end précédent.

Et parce que vous êtes gentils, Philippe Branckaert a filmé et monté l’évènement, et ça donne ça :

24H GRANDPAPIER 2011 par employe-du-moi

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24h comics 2010

May 2010 | 0

Grandpapier organises its 3rd session of 24h comics. Like last year between 30 and 40 comic artists will participate from Brussels, and a lot more are annouced around the world (more details on this to come soon).

This event will be held this year in coordination with the great Periscopage festival in Rennes.

Date 29th to 30th of May 2010, from 2PM to 2PM GMT+2

Where Right here on this website!

Don’t miss

À voir :
- The blog with pictures
- To read stories made for the 24h comics 2010 event.
- Sounds recorded during the event, interviews, etc. on the radio blog =

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September 2009 | 1

Revenge is not a four-letter word; it is as common as exhaling after inhaling; a symmetrical response to an equal but opposite action- but hey, who’s measuring? This interchangeable payback, open to interpretation, with tit paying for tat, and this for that, does tend to spiral out of control and, sure, it may involve family, honor, vengeance and a gravestone or two (Confucius say; when thinking of revenge always remember to dig two graves), but it need not be so dramatic. Revenge is also winning the second round, third time lucky, and having the last laugh.

Revenge is the theme of the upcoming Samandal and Employe Du Moi publication scheduled for release late in 2009. To submit you’ll need a grandpapier account (just create a new story and add the ’revenge’ keyword).

Please keep in mind the following specifications:

Technical guidelines

  • 18 x 25cm

  • Color or black and white

  • In Arabic and/or French – and/or english (the later will be translated).
  • The final selection for the book – and deadline is November 10.

Please note: you need a GRANDPAPIER account to participate (see the join us page if you’re not in yet).

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24h comics 2009

May 2009 | 0

More than 70 comic artists have join the 2009 24h comics from grandpier. The event was held from the 23rd of May 2PM GMT+2 to Sunday the 24th, same time.

You can check the blog (in French) to get an idea of the fun and pain that went through the catoonists.

All stories are gathered on this page.

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Minneapolis John

August 2008 | 0

(started August 08, still ongoing)

PNG - 4.1 kb

This time there is no imposed topic or type, no specific style or form constrain. The stake is different. We ask our comic artists to produce one or several 3-page-minimum comics without being recognized.

Under cover, with a chosen alias and a style quite different, they should produce unrecognizable quality content! They work on the website with a new login specifically dedicated to their new work and this will be clearly marked for the public as such. Speculation about your real identity will surely arise and many will try in vain to find out who’s hiding behind this new artwork. It’s time for them to try the unthinkable. Why not create something different? Be virtuoso, rebellious, feminine, masculine, obscene, sweet, meticulous, maniac, pathetic, well-ordered, erotic, colored, classic or radical. Everything is possible and can be tried. To add excitement to this new game, external comic artists will also be invited to join in.

All the stories related to this project are grouped on this page.

GRANDPAPIER comic artists having already an account can ask for one to many alias accounts freely. However if you’d like to join in for that specific alias project only, you can do so by going through the usual JOIN US page. In that case don’t forget to tell us that your asking for a Minneapolis Account.

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24h comics 2008

June 2008 | 0

29 comics artist have to produce 24 pages during a 24 hour time frame from the 28th of Jun 2008 to the next day 1PM.

- Most of the comics are available for reading on the 24h 2008 page.

A blog with pictures and videos is on this page.

Artists involved:

Bulu, Louis Vanardois, Guillaume Hanna, Laurent Dandoy, Sacha Goerg, Joanna Lorho, Joseph Falzon, Bert, Max de Radiguès, David Libens, Olive Booger, Alex de Moté, Abdel Bouzbiba, M. Pimpant, Florent Grouazel, Rémi Luca, Garène, Younn Locard, Brice Dumas, Cyprien Mathieu, G#rom, Stéphane Noël, Gaspard Ryelandt, Anne Simon, JC Menu

Later arrived : Cédric Manche and Christophe Poot

And from Paris : Singeon

And the video:

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November 2007 | 0

GRANDPAPIER comics artists were proposed to produce scary and/or gore comics stories on this website. Anyone could be read the ongoing stories, a page listing them is available here. A book was then made – named CRRISP – with a selection of the best comics. The anthology with its 416 pages and more than 20 artists is in your local bookstore since June 2008. More infos and pictures on the employé du Moi website.

The rules were:

a - You have to get your GRANDPAPIER account, if it’s not the case yet you can take your chance here.

b - then the story has to be prepublish on the website.

c - It should be at least 4 pages minimum, black and white (or grey), 18cm x 22 cm max, and posted before the 31st of December 2007.

d - This story will finally go through a jury of barely naked girls armed with chainsaws for approuval.

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