Seven Days

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chiu kwong man


à propos de Seven Days

Three little rascals were out playing with their net - it’s okay, their mum & dad said they could - But they caught a cloud. The cloud got scared and cried, and cried, and cried. Tears made lakes. Lakes made a vast sea.
The Water made lots of plants & animals. All the animals wanted to be king. First there was the tiger, but his teeth looked very suspicious.
The elephants travelled from far, but the rascals thought they were too clumsy. Perhaps they should hide the cloud ?
Next came the gorillas. They were so noisy that mum & dad had to come home from work early !
The crocodiles were too bad tempered.
And the camels were too ignorant.
The rascals thought it best to let the cloud go.
And dug out Man to stop the animals fighting each other.
The End.

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