Edition 2021

24h BD

The rules

Imposed constraint

To draw 23 pages + 1 cover in 24 hours. Use english, or understandable words, or do a mute story.

Stage half of your pages during nightime and half during daytime, in whatever order you want.


Deep night

Few pictures are taken at this stage of the event. Everyone is too busy and/or too tired and wanting to finish what they started.

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Students are getting tired but are still pushing pages to the site. Food seems to be the answer to keep going.

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Work companions

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At work

Pictures of students at work.

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Photos avant le départ

Something to eat, and different setups to get the job done before. Here are a few pictures before we start!

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Derniers réglages

Alors qu’on encode les derniers participant.es pour les 24h demain à 13h, notre petit site a eu quelques lenteurs ce matin. Une barrette de ram remplacée par notre hébergeur et on espère être paré pour demain !!!

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C’est re-parti

Et on compte déjà plus de 100 auteur.trice.s inscrit.e.s à 4 jours de l’événement !!

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