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Shigeru Mizuki

Story about the lost arm of Mizuki and his book Showa.

2 pages Aventure Reportage - documentaire


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Enrique Metinides

Notes about the Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides

3 pages Reportage - documentaire


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San Mao cover

Cover of a San Mao strip.

2 pages Reportage - documentaire Drame


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A guy have feelings of power with his own shadow

10 pages Expérimental Drame


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Manga slacker

A wannabe mangaka goes to Tokyo to draw manga, but get lost in the attempt.

16 pages Drame


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2 short stories

Selfpublised | 2015

Two short stories in one zine. One about a mangaka wannabe and the other about the empowerment illusion of shadows.

La Santera

Ediciones Valientes | 2014

Someone try to solve his problems with the help of a Santera, but the Santera get some problems instead.

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