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chiu kwong man

I like to feed my drawings with the old classics, as well as giving them a taste of my own brand of contemporary social tale.


Autres bandes dessinées de chiu kwong man


“They say Hemorrhoids will materialize after you are forty. Sure enough at 42, a pea sized friend appeared to keep me company. It spoke (...)

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In Search of the Beast

Dessin de la main Gauche. First five pages are a concocted story made up from over a dozen sketches made with my left hand - I have (...)

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Autres récits classés comme #Science fiction


Une bd avec une contrainte :à la base, une planche avec six cases et six formes colorées dans les cases.Chacune de ces formes sera (...)

#Science fiction#Expérimental#Fantastique
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La valise

L’ histoire d’une capsule temporelle.

#Jeunesse#Science fiction