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Irek Konior

Mystery meeting

Some illustrations and covers.

5 pages Romantic Adventure


Irek Konior

Dog from the Port of Prague

In the abandoned Port of Prague lives the dog. He’s alone but sometimes some guests come to the (...)

3 pages Fairy tale Funny


Irek Konior

The Seventh

The Great War with the Indians ended a long time ago but left the world a lot of damage. The (...)

30 pages Western Action


Irek Konior


Reiko lives in rusted house near the cemetery. Sometimes strange persons appear nearby. Some of (...)

21 pages Western Horror


Bibliography from Irek Konior

Fishermen Story 2 By

Fishermen Story 2

Caravelle | 2006

The second part of the adventures of fishermen and elephant looking for a gigantic fish destroying the country.

Fishermen Story By

Fishermen Story

Caravelle | 2004

Story about two fishermen, mysterious elephant and big angry fish.

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