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Max Estes

The Crooked Knife

My first comic book published in Norway. My first foray into the noir genre. And the first book (...)

54 pages Aventure


Max Estes

The Crooked Canal

62 pages Aventure


Max Estes

The Crooked Track

55 pages Aventure Voyage


Max Estes

My Life as a Bunny

369 pages


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Cappelen Damm, Norway | 2012

Due out August, 2012
English title : Night Visions

Det Krokete Sporet

Jippi Forlag, Norway | 2012

English title : The Crooked Track

Den Krokete Kanalen

Jippi Forlag, Norway | 2011

English title : The Crooked Canal

Den Krokete Kniv

Jippi Forlag, Norway | 2010

English title : The Crooked Knife

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