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Slough & Stair
Nick Mullins
La Tour (The Tower) - prologue
Nick Mullins
Museum Piece
Nick Mullins
The Betrayal of the Mouse
Nick Mullins
The Boy
Nick Mullins
Art is a Lonely Business
Nick Mullins
Dans l’eau
Nick Mullins

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nijomu | 2021

"I’d put this on any “best of 2021” list that I was putting together." -Optical Sloth
"Best dang thing I read last year, hands down." -astickastonecomic
A pandemic is wiping out the human race and a group of survivors retreats to an isolated house in order to escape the contagion. But Jack doesn’t want to struggle for survival. His plan is to lie on a lawn chair, drink his wine, and wait to die. But we don’t always get what we want.
Lounger is an absurdist drama about the end of the world.

The Lost Cause of Poetry

nijomu | 2019

“This is a really fine tuned cartoon world, both quiet and sharp, that really stands apart from most other trends and aesthetics. Very much worth your time, a true pleasure to read and view.” -Austin English, Domino Books
A cave where strangers admit their deepest truths. An art podcast from the future. A plane crash that never happened. The Lost Cause of Poetry is collection of poetic, abstract, and surreal stories, featuring work published in Nashville Review, Fourteen Hills, and Red Fez.

This Wasn’t the Plan

nijomu | 2018

Everyone tells you to follow your dreams, but what do you do if the world doesn’t care about your dreams ? This Wasn’t the Plan tells three stories on this theme. In "Phantom," Ken stands on the threshold of adolescence and a party given by his parents roughly pushes him through into the world of adults. He is challenged to make sense of the lessons about maturity and masculinity offered to him by his mother and the various Air Force officers that surround her. In "Defrost," Lucia has moved to the big city and intends to take the art world by storm, but her friend decides not to join her and her double-major seems to mean nothing. Yet rent must be paid and neighbors dealt with. And then there’s that thing in her fridge. "Sink" is the story of a writer whose preoccupation with his lack of success eats away at his marriage. One night, he sees Hermine, a woman who turns out to be a writer also. Interest turns to obsession, until he is confronted and forced to face reality. But fantasies never die ; they just find a new outlet.

Carnivale : a Kit Kaleidoscope story

nijomu | 2018

Kit struggles with her painting as she finds herself becoming interested in a local singer. Meanwhile, the gravedigger she works with meets an old woman at the graveyard who causes him to deal with the memories of his past. The story of the gravedigger’s dead lover and Kit’s own experiences come together as the town gets ready for one more carnivale. Carnivale is a wordless story about art, relationships, and storytelling.

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