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By Pascal Matthey #Experimental


By Mortis Ghost #Action

L’ Ouvre-Boîtes

By Cyril Doisneau #Thriller


By Antoine Maillard #Drama


By Joseph Falzon #Action

The 24h comics event is over!

The 24h comic on grandpapier, running from December 15th to 16th is over. The event gathered nearly 200 students from 8 schools.

The rules

1. raw 23 pages + 1 cover in 24 hours. Use english, or understandable words, or do a mute story.

2. Try to make a story that can bu understood for foreign readers.

3. The story must include at least 1 flashback OR 1 flashforward. Multiple jumps in times are of course possible.

Read the 24h comics!

go read stories produce during the event. Go check the the follow up to see all registred catoonists and schools.

top 5

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Chasse à la Reine

By Marcello Rompivetro

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radio grandpapier logo Après nos interviews angoumoisines du mois dernier, retour dans le studio de Radio Campus pour une émission classique : chroniques et invité. Adlynn Fischer est notre invité et viens nous parler de son premier livre édité chez La ville Brule : L'été du Vertige. Lire la suite