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revange : la couverture

Samandal’s statement on the censorship case

In December 2009 was published Revenge / Revenge, the 7th issue of the Lebanese magazine Samandal, co-edited by l’employé du Moi.

This April 28, 2015, after five years of proceedings, three of the four editors of the magazine have just been convicted of inciting sectarian strife, undermine religion, publishing false information and defamation and slander on the basis of Article 25 of the Act printed. Each accused was thus fined nearly 6,000 euros - 18,000 euros in total - or a sentence of two years and nine months in prison.

Grandpapier played a central role in publishing the collective Revenge: the 34 stories collected on this issue were first published online.

A background harvest action is programmed to help convicted publishers. We support Samandal in their efforts to help publishers and condemned the journal to recover and continue publishing.

Join the campaign to support the collective Samandal!

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Anonyme Wed 23:11

("ça va on N’a pas cours") Super boulot par ailleurs.

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Trop joli bravo ma lou !

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Trop bien C’est moi !!!

Antoine Maillard Fri 16:11

Merci Younn!

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